What's "MyJapanBrand.com"?

Hello, everyone living in foreign countries! Thank you for your interest in various Japanese brand/goods like auto parts, motorcycle parts, camera, fishing gear, anime, figures, clothes!

MyJapanBrand.com (MJB) is a site that you living abroad can enjoy Japanese online shopping and auctions in the same way as Japanese do.

To buy from Japanese online shopping sites or auctions directly is not easy for people living abroad because descriptions are written in Japanese, it is hard to get to accounts, shops don't accept credit card issued overseas, sellers/shops don't want to ship internationally. If you have a PayPal account, even without creating an account with MJB in advance, MJB can purchase/bid on the item on Japanese online shopping or online auctions for you.

2 of MJB services, PURCHASE SERVICE and FREE ADDRESS SERVICE are available.

Purchase Service

With searching by English words on MJB, you can see the result of Yahoo Auction Japan, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten and Amazon Japan. MJB purchases the products you're looking for on your behalf. To enter the item URL you like, MJB can also purchase it on your behalf.
* some sites such as adult sites may be refused.


  • Real time bidding (Yahoo Auction Japan)
  • You can choose normal bidding or snipe bidding. Snipe bidding is a bid made just before the end of the auction time to avoid raising the amount (Yahoo Auction Japan)
  • Even if the seller is "STORE", no Japanese sales tax on the 2nd charge in the case of shipping to overseas countries from us
  • You can search using English or Japanese
  • There is no need to create an account on each site
  • Because MJB is integrated with PayPal, deposit in advance such as bank transfer is not required
  • When you are outbid in the auction, there is no charge
  • Quick to receive refund because of PayPal payment
  • 21 days free storage from the item arrival at MJB warehouse
  • To combine your items by MJB save your international shipping cost

Free Address Service

You will purchase on online auction, online shopping on your own, you will arrange local shipping to MJB address in Tokyo.


  • 14 days free storage from the item arrival at MJB warehouse.
  • To combine your items by MJB save your international shipping cost
  • Only PalPal verified customer can use this service.

It is a service for people who can register an account at each online shop, pay to shops and arrange local shipping to MJB warehouse in Tokyo.

MJB won't be involved with any troubles between you and shops, such as no-delivery or damage. You need to resolve them by yourself.