MJB Free Address Service


Only PayPal verified customer can use this service.
If you can complete to purchase items on your own from online auction or online shopping sites in Japan, it’s very convenient to have an address in Japan.
Only arranging local shipping to MJB warehouse address in Tokyo, MJB does
- receive and keep items (14 days free storage)
- combine your items by MJB to save your international shipping cost
- have discounted rates from FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL etc for oversize items exceeding JapanPost’s EMS size
- arrange LCL sea shipping

No registration fee or member ship fee either.
It’s easy to registration. To register, you have to have a PayPal account.

First, one-time, MJB gets PayPal payment at JPY 100 (approx. USD 1) from your account.
JPY100 will be refunded in MJB business hour.
JPY100 won't be refunded if NOT PayPal verified customer makes an application..

We ship only to the address and name you suggested on PayPal proceeding.

Enter your PayPal account email address and phone number which will be required on the international shipping label.

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PayPal account email *

Please check details of MJB FREE ADDRESS if you didn’t yet. Flow, Fees, Terms of use.

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